At Ross Aiston Motors we offer the very best in customer care. With upfront quoting we’ll never do work on your car that you haven’t approved.

With the Automotive industry changing so quickly, you have to stay up to date with information and technology. With the very best diagnostic equipment and information services, we can offer the very best service for your car, 4WD, small truck or vehicle fleet.


It’s not compulsory to have your car serviced at a dealership in order to maintain your new car warranty.

Until recently many new car dealerships led their customers to believe that a new vehicle must be serviced only within their dealership to maintain its warranty. This is not correct.

The ACCC have recently taken action to stop this misleading activity, and have cleared up the facts – you DO have the right to shop around and choose your car service centre without affecting your right to a statutory new car warranty.

Ross Aiston Motors are fully qualified to perform expert car servicing that protects your right to a warranty on your new vehicle. So why not call us for a competitive quote today?


If you have a fleet of vehicles and are looking for the very best service and maintenance of these cars or commercial vehicles by qualified mechanics, call us and see how Ross Aiston Motors can flexibly accommodate your fleet needs.

Ask us about the comprehensive fleet servicing and maintenance our mechanics provide as well.


Our well-trained and highly experienced auto electricians can deal with everything from vehicle wiring and electrical accessory installations to fault diagnosis and electronic vehicle management systems. Armed with the most up-to-date technology, we can quickly and accurately diagnose complex faults, saving our clients both time and money.


Ross Aiston Motors is an authorised Flash Diesel Dealer. Get outstanding diesel tuning and diesel upgrade services to extract the most from your vehicle. Flash Diesel’s advanced dyno tune technology provides exceptional diesel engine tuning and upgrades that will give you more power and torque, and better drive-ability. Find out more


Get your vehicles air conditioner working more efficiently than ever with an air conditioner service. Our licensed air conditioner technicians can diagnose and repair any faults with your system using the correct, manufacturer approved gases and parts.


Your cars cooling system removes excess heat from the engine by moving coolant through the engine (where it ABSORBS the heat) and then passing through the radiator where the heat is transferred to the surrounding air.

The basic cooling system is made up of 5 “major” components: The radiator, water pump, hoses & housings, thermostat and fan.

Coolant has many different purposes in your vehicle. It has Antifreeze/Antiboil capabilities as well as corrosion inhibitors. Without adequate coolant in your vehicle, rust and debris can build up causing congestion in your cooling system leading to overheating and unnecessary wear and tear of engine components. In extreme overheating cases it is quite common for cylinder heads to warp and crack or corrode coolant galleries within the head which can mean terminal damage to your engine.

Come and see us at Ross Aiston Motors to have your cooling system checked over to maintain your vehicles performance and avoid costly engine repairs.


At Ross Aiston Motors we have state of the art computer scanners that can read trouble codes in your car’s computer and help diagnose any problems your vehicle may have. We also have access to the latest up to date information and services. If you have warning lights coming up on the dashboard then give us a call straight away to help prevent any further damage to your car. We can also reset any service lights.


At Ross Aiston Motors we can supply numerous brands of tyres from top of the range to budget tyres. We can fit and balance the tyres or rotate and balance your tyres on site. We can repair punctures and leaks whilst you wait. We have a long history specialising in front end repairs and wheel alignments.


Do you find that your automatic transmission is slipping or clunking into gear? It may have further problems however often your automatic transmission can perform much better with a service by a qualified mechanic. Changing the Auto transmission fluid and filter can make a big difference. Bring your car in and we can check the quality of the fluid in your car.


Is your cars suspension working as well as it should, do you feel bumps in the road more then you used to? Bring your car into Ross Aiston Motors for a steering and suspension check.


Brakes are a major safety component on your vehicle and not an item to be complacent with.

Some of the warning signs that you need your brakes checked can range from emergency brake light being illuminated on the dash, sticking brakes/loss of engine power, “touchy” or sensitive brakes, hard brake pedal, low brake pedal, vehicle pulling to one side when braking, squealing brakes or brake vibration/pedal pulsation.

Maintaining your brakes can avoid potentially hazardous and dangerous situations and should be inspected every service.

At Ross Aiston Motors we can carry out all your brake repair needs from brake pad/shoe replacement (including machining the brake disc rotor or drum and cleaning and repacking wheel bearings where required), overhauling brake callipers and wheel cylinders. Replacing/flushing brake hydraulics and repairing brake booster problems.


If your car is still under manufacturers warranty you can bring your car to Ross Aiston Motors without affecting your new car warranty. As long as you follow the service schedule for your vehicle which can normally be found in your service logbook. If there are any repairs needed for your car that should be covered by your new car warranty our mechanic will advise you of the best repair method.


Whether you have an older conventional diesel engine with an engine driven injector pump and individual injectors on each cylinder or your newer Common Rail Diesel Engine which shares a pressure accumulator supplying all cylinders with fuel, Ross Aiston Motors are able to service and repair your diesel system.

If you are noticing any difference in your diesel engine performance, whether it be warning lights, noise, excessive smoke, hard starting or vibrations, bring your car in to Ross Aiston Motors and we will return your vehicle in top working condition, taking you where you need to when you need to.


If your gearbox is starting to crunch, grind or slip when you change gears it could be that your manual gearbox and/or clutch has worn. Ross Aiston Motors is qualified to handle your clutch replacement, gearbox overhaul or cable and hydraulics repairs. We can conduct inspections for noise, fluid leaks/condition, worn bushes and make adjustments where possible to prevent further problems with the driveline and reduce your cost of repairs.


If your car is clunking/clanking whilst driving or cornering, have whirring noises when decelerating, whining noise when accelerating or rumbling noise as your speed is increased than this could be a sign that the differential in your car may require attention. Ross Aiston Motors can periodically inspect/service or repair your differential, tailshaft, CV Joints, universal joints and axle bearings.

Don’t hesitate to contact the experienced car servicing team at Ross Aiston Motors on 08 8337 1811 with any questions.